Meet Oscar.

I want to slowly introduce you to the new things in my life. Starting off with my bunny Oscar. I was in the pet store one day buying bird food and I can never help looking to see what little cuties they have in the store. The second I saw Oscar, I fell in love.Continue reading “Meet Oscar.”

I’m coming back!

Some of you might remember me as sarainlalaland and may or may not have noticed that I suddenly changed my site name, privated all my posts and then disappeared for over a year. A lot has happened over that time. I would love to share it all with you, so I think it is timeContinue reading “I’m coming back!”

When the Magpie Stole the Moon

Good evening Mr. Magpie My oh my you gave me a fright What is it you are up to? I am not used to seeing you out at night ‘I stole the moon!’ The bird exclaimed You stole the moon? Sir, please explain ‘Something shiny in the sky’ ‘Something shiny caught my eye’ ‘Something shinyContinue reading “When the Magpie Stole the Moon”