New Name, New Me (Sort of)

Hey, Hi, Hello!

Me again, told you I was back! (Hehe)

I mentioned in my previous post that I had decided on a new name for my blog. This has been a long time coming, I just could not think of something that felt like me. As I have finally stuck to a name, this will be the last post you see by Sarainlalaland, I hope that you will stick with me regardless.

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you’ll already know the name change, as I had to make sure it was available everywhere to remain cohesive.

So, without further ado, the new name will be Zero to Phoenix. This name feels right to me as a testament to the progress I have made with my mental health and overall well-being.  It was not too long ago where I was in a place where I slept my days away, I felt like I had nothing and nobody and contemplated daily about ending it all, the only reason I did not was because I lacked the courage. Where I am now is a million miles from feeling that way. I feel almost reborn and am becoming the person I have always wanted to be. I have a brighter outlook, I feel braver and I finally see a future.

There are so many people to thank for helping me get to where I am today. Those who have helped me up, held me up and cheered me on as I crawled out of the dark hole in which I spent a long long time. There is of course you, the people who have stuck by me and supported me and my writing that I used to cope. Your comments, emails and true kindness helped more than you maybe know. It is hard these days to find the kindness of strangers, especially over the internet, so I feel extremely fortunate to have so many of you.
My therapist is another person to thank. He has been helping to lead me in the right direction to be where I want to be in life.
My partner’s mother I am entirely grateful to have in my life. She is one of the kindest human beings I have ever had the privilege of knowing and she has been a rock to me. The mother I never had.
My friends who have stuck by me even though I moved to another country, I am filled with joy to know they are still there. Especially Stew, Mat, Rob and Mike. Thank you, guys. You have put up with a lot from me and I am thankful you are still here.
I also want to thank my Siblings, we have been brought together through hard times, but now in our adult years we are more understanding of each other and we have a stronger bond than ever, I love you Kelly, Katie and Michael.
Last but not least of course there is Stefan. the man who has been there on the front line through it all and truly stuck by me. He surpassed the point people usually give up by miles and he has been patient and understanding as much as his ability will allow. Without him, I do not think I would be here today. From the emotional support to the countless phone calls he has made and mountains of paperwork he has filled out to keep me here, to start me on my journey of recovery. None of this would have happened without him and I will be forever grateful (even if I sometimes do not show it).

I hope that you welcome me back with my new name. I have a new lease of inspiration and I can not wait to share it with you.

Until next time, I am back, I mean it!


44 thoughts on “New Name, New Me (Sort of)

  1. kenhallettblog says:

    Glad to see things are getting better for you, Sara!

    Don’t know if you saw my e-mail and then the message through your contact form back in May? I was getting a bit worried at that stage. But it’s great to see you back, now.

    Best wishes, as always!


      1. kenhallettblog says:

        That’s OK, Sara, I was concerned you might feel too unwell to reply.
        ( And being such an anxious person myself, I tend to catastrophise, about stuff anyway!)

        I’ve been very ill for the last six weeks, with persistent infections and fevers.


  2. Hilary Tan says:

    I was wondering what happened to your blog since I wasn’t able to find it for the longest time. For some reason, WP says I was not following your new blog (this one) but now I am. Now I will be able to receive your future notifications.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. gaillovesgod says:

    Sara, it is nice to hear your move to Sweden has continued to be a season of blessing, and that you have a good support system. Take what time you need for you when you need it.
    Praising God for your support! ❤


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