Meet Oscar.

I want to slowly introduce you to the new things in my life. Starting off with my bunny Oscar.

I was in the pet store one day buying bird food and I can never help looking to see what little cuties they have in the store. The second I saw Oscar, I fell in love. I took a picture of him and sent it to my other half, never thinking I would actually get to bring him home.

We had not planned on getting a bunny, but it seems that Stefan had taken a liking to Oscar too, just from his picture! He told me we could “just go and look” the following day and I tried not to get my hopes up, but I was overjoyed inside.

The following day after a few too many drinks for one certain individual I was ready to return to the pet store and introduce Stefan to Oscar. The trouble was that Stefan was still feeling the affects of last night’s drinking session and thus could not drive to the store. I have my license, but I had a fear of driving because being from the UK, I was not used to driving on the right side of the road as they do in Sweden.

This thing is, I wanted to bring Oscar home so badly that I put that fear aside and drove anyway.

When we reached the store, it was just opening (we did not want another family falling in love and taking him home so we got there early) I introduced Stefan to Oscar and he loved him instantly too! My heart was soaring, he was coming home with us!

We found an employee who worked there and asked about taking Oscar home and to our complete horror, we had missed a tiny sign on his enclosure that stated that he was reserved for another family. My heart then shattered and although he was never ours, I felt like I had lost him.

The shop keeper was lovely and offered to source us a similar rabbit. I told her I did not want another rabbit, I wanted him. I asked her that if for any reason the other family decided to change their minds, please call me and I would be straight back to claim him. She agreed and we left the store.

On the drive home I was feeling defeated. Some of you may be thinking “it is just a rabbit” but there will be others out there that understand the true connection between humans and animals. We had to stop at a bridge for a few minutes and I jokingly said to my other half “check my phone, see if they’ve called!” He rolled his eyes but did so anyway. Low and behold I had one missed call. He called back and it was the pet store!

It turns out that literally four minutes after us leaving to go home, the other family had called and said they changed their minds. The lady then proceeded to say that Oscar was ours if we wanted him. We were so excited that we did not bother going home. I turned the car around as soon as it was possible and we went straight back to pick up the newest member of our family.

Somehow I knew that he belonged with us and I am glad I made that clear, because our home would not be the same without our little scamp.

So everybody, meet Oscar. Our lovely Lionhead boy.

Until next time, hug your pets!


I’m coming back!

Some of you might remember me as sarainlalaland and may or may not have noticed that I suddenly changed my site name, privated all my posts and then disappeared for over a year.

A lot has happened over that time. I would love to share it all with you, so I think it is time for me to return to WordPress!

I got a little stuck with my identity before I left and I am still not sure that the name I chose is right for me, so you may see that change in the near future.

I am very much looking forward to getting back into the swing of things. There is a lot that I have missed.

So, this is me. I am back!

Until next time, stay safe. ❤

When the Magpie Stole the Moon

Good evening Mr. Magpie
My oh my you gave me a fright
What is it you are up to?
I am not used to seeing you out at night

‘I stole the moon!’ The bird exclaimed
You stole the moon? Sir, please explain

‘Something shiny in the sky’
‘Something shiny caught my eye’
‘Something shiny looked so fine’
Something shiny must be mine!’

But Mr. Magpie my feathered friend
This is a selfish act
The moon belongs up in the sky
You took it without tack

‘The moon is mine’
‘I own the sky’
‘The sky is mine’
‘The moon is mine’

Mr. Magpie do not be sly
Nobody could possibly own the sky
The world belongs to all of us
Now put it back, don’t make a fuss

‘But man, he owns the land and seas’
‘He owns the grass he owns the trees’
‘He took my friends and family’
‘So I take the moon, I take it for me’

I understand your quarrel, true
We should not have taken them from you
But please Sir, please don’t see this through
Return the moon and start anew

‘If I return the moon’ said the bird
‘Do I have your solemn word’
‘To tell my story you’ve just heard’

You have my word, Mr. Magpie
Now please take the moon back to the sky
Fly away, return the moon
I’ll wait for you, so be back soon

The moon was returned, the sky was bright
I never saw the magpie after that night

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